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About Us

ANU-ABA is an inclusive, forward-thinking organization led by autistic individuals. The organization strives to create a world that is more open and accepting of diversity. We can achieve this goal through many avenues, one of those avenues being the certification of other ABA companies and organizations.

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The mission of ANU-ABA is to improve inclusionary practices and therapeutic outcomes for autistic individuals receiving ABA therapy.

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What is our Mission?

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The vision of ANU-ABA is to improve services for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder by establishing a means of quality and sensitivity measurements surrounding treatment practices, as well as company policies that are in adherence to modern standards and that recognize the personhood and dignity of autistic individuals receiving therapy.

What is our Vision?

With the expansion of the autism diagnosis to be more broad (resulting in many people being diagnosed as adults and therefore did not receive ABA therapy), there has also emerged a large contingent of autistic adults within this group that are “anti-ABA”, as well as some (albeit fewer) that received ABA and are “anti-ABA”.

While healthy and respectful discourse is always encouraged, much of the anti-ABA sentiment is communicated in rude, callous, and condescending manners, and those with an anti-ABA outlook frequently attack ABA providers as child abusers. They also focus on accusing providers of outdated practices akin to electroshock therapy or conversion therapy. These anti-ABA adults virtually view all ABA providers in the same negative light.

There are also many agencies run by private equity firms that are not focused on disseminating the most modern treatment modalities, repudiating antiquated practices, or are not committed to promoting autistic employment or exalting appropriate autistic adult voices.

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What is a Problem We Face?

What is our Solution?

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ANU-ABA will provide a vehicle for mass approval and recognition of agencies within the field of ABA based on simple, straightforward measurements and commitments. This will allow ABA companies to differentiate themselves from competitors by being "Autistic Approved" ABA companies. That means that they have been vetted by us and they have committed to adhering to our standards and protocols to maintain their "Autistic Approved" status.

We will provide recognition and marketing materials to explain on their websites to potential clients and providers as a means of improving recruitment.

A copy of the official registration (#CH56051) and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll- free 1-800-435-7352 within the state or visit the website  Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. No goods or services were received and is tax-deductible as allowed by law.  

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