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Our Commitments

ANU-ABA members are committed to repudiating the following practices:

  • Electric shock

  • Conversion therapy

  • Seclusion

  • Restraint

  • Treatment of non-harmful self-stimming

  • Forced eye contact

  • Forced social interactions

  • Withholding special interests to use as reinforcers

  • Escape extinction for non-harmful self-stimming

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  • Appropriate transition period for clients and providers

  • Using assent/consent in treatment

  • Organizing case-load size based on experience and staffing under BACB standards

  • Amplifying, attending to, and adhering to autistic voices

  • Hiring Autistic in corporate office and field-based positions whenever possible. 

  • Neurodiverse OBM and employee evaluations that are suitable for autistic individuals​

  • Change culture of ABA to make more affirming and supportive to neurodivergent communities

ANU-ABA members are committed to adhering to and encouraging the following practices:

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